7-Eleven Pokémon Fair campaign

Japan has more 7-Eleven locations than anywhere else in the world, with almost 30% of the franchise’s worldwide stores located in the country. Beginning in 2003, 7-Eleven began collaborating with the Pokemon TCG to release exclusive promotional cards.

The first of these campaigns was the 7-Eleven Pokemon Fair campaign. which ran from June 25 2003 until supplies ran out. Customers who purchased a bottle of Coca-Cola Vanilla, Sprite Classic, Ambasa Sour White, Fanta Fruit Punch, or Fanta Melon Soda were given a sealed pack that had one out of 21 possible cards.

Front of sealed pack
Back of sealed pack

The front of the packs had promotional imagery for the sixth Pokemon Movie, Pokémon: Jirachi—Wish Maker. The back showed possible cards that customers could open. 10 of the cards had both non-holo and cosmos holofoil version, and a “secret” 11th card was a cosmos holofoil Jirachi.

Detailed image of the back showing possible promos

These promos all had a 7-Eleven stamp in their bottom left corner, and would later be released in the US without the stamp as promo cards for various campaigns.

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