Hall of Fame

In order to recognize all the friends of Pokumon.com and the excellent Pokemon TCG community, this page lists individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute or volunteer their time to help archive Pokemon history.

The Hall of Fame is known in the video games as where Pokemon Champions are recorded, and in the TCG it was the official list of cards in the Japanese Pokemon TCG that were too powerful for unrestricted play. On this website, the Hall of Fame recognizes those who have helped in our mission of archiving the Pokemon TCG’s rich, international history.

How do I get on the Hall of Fame?

There is not official way to enter Pokumon’s Hall of Fame. 

You will be contacted when your contributions to the site are sufficient to warrant inclusion.



chaos has been instrumental to much of this site’s 1996 – 2003 content. He tirelessly scanned and digitized much of the early printed materials. In fact, nearly all of the Trainers magazine scans and early book scans featured on this site are done by him!


Truly the top Chansey collector in the world, Qwachansey is also a Pokemon TCG history fiend and quite a good card player himself (ask him about his City Championship medal). He has been truly helpful as a sounding board and a source of information, new and old.


August is a secret font of knowledge when it comes to vintage Pokemon history and facts. He has provided this site some of the highest-resolution scans available of vintage magazines and media inserts.


Simen has supported this site from the first time he laid eyes on it, and continues to help clarify information from various international tournaments. He also has one of the most extensive Worlds promo collections!


Located in Korea, kimchishampoo2020 has been a friend of the site for many years. He always does his best to keep Pokumon up to date on the latest Korean releases, and is willing to dig deep into the archives of Korean social media to uncover the secrets of the Pokemon TCG in Korea. 

Thunder Moo

A collector of both English and Japanese Pokemon cards, Thunder Moo has been pivotal in archiving some of the earliest WotC-era promotional materials, such as those seen in the Super Trainer Showdowns.


The Fine Card is one of the internet’s best Pokémon TCG auction information sources. They cover multiple premier auction houses across the world, and Pokumon is proud to call them a friend.


Rabby250 is the de-facto master of Asian language Pokemon cards. He is probably the sole reason that Bulbapedia’s non-Japanese Asian language Pokemon cards are kept up to date, and is a great friend to Pokumon with his numerous contributions to the accuracy of how cards are distributed in Asian countries.


It could be you 😉