Pocket Monsters Fan Book

The Pocket Monsters Fan Book was published on May 20, 1997. It was an official publication that featured various guides, activities, and advertising for the franchise, which had just launched in 1996. In particular, this book also included two promotional cards.

The Mewtwo card was an early tournament staple due to its ability to quickly attach energies from the discard pile, 40-damage Psyburn attack, and Basic pokemon status. It was actually a reprint of the Mewtwo previously printed in CoroCoro Comic‘s June 1999 issue, which was published May 15, 1999.

The other card, Super energy retrieval was also featured in multiple decklists at the 1st Official Pokemon Card Game Tournament. It was later reprinted in the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD. This reprint is identical to the one in the Pocket Monsters Fan Book.

Foldout map of the anime series
Foldout backside with a poster for the anime
How to draw Pikachu and info about Ash
Info about what’s in Ashs’ bag and Pokemon items
Ash’s relationships
Summaries of episodes 5-8
Crossword activity
Back cover


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