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2009 Pokemon Card Game Design Contest

On 27th February 2009, Pokemon announced a new illustration contest in conjunction with Shogakukan, a major Japanese magazine publisher. Shogakukan had run previous Pokemon illustration contests before, but this would

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US Battle Road Events

Loosely inspired by the Battle Road events held in Japan from 2002 – 2008, the American Pokemon Organized Play (POP) system would launch an identically named series of tournaments called

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Pokemon Daisuki Club

Established in late January 2004, the Pokemon Daisuki Club was a Japanese Pokemon fan club that encompassed the video games, anime, TCG, and all aspects of the Pokemon franchise. For

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Pokemon Battle Tour 09

In the summer of 2009, Pokemon launched an event called the Pokemon Battle Tour 09 (ポケモンバトルツアー09 in Japanese). This summer event was meant to engage players during the time until

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Challenge Hiroba (Plaza) Events

Beginning in 2008, the Pokemon TCG would begin to host “Challenge Plaza” (ポケモンチャレンジひろば, commonly mistranslated as “Challenge Hiroba” in English) events. This article will refer to them as the more

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Pokemon Battle Challenge

Pokemon Battle Challenge was an event held from October 17 – December 27, 2009. The event encompassed both the video games and TCG, and was held in 11 shopping malls

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