Eevee 2080 Toothbrush set

In February 2014, 2080 (a Korean toothbrush & toothpaste brand) partnered with the Pokemon Company to distribute a special set of Eevee promos. A promo pack containing 2 random promo cards was sold with a pair of children’s toothbrushes. This limited edition toothbrush set’s production was limited to 30,000 pieces. It retailed for 6,900 won, which is around $6-7 USD.

Product packaging

There were 8 different possible promo cards. All were non-holo Eevee evolution cards, except for one cosmos holofoil Eevee card. These promos had been printed earlier in English as part of the Sylveon Collection (November 2013), and in Japan’s 2012 Pokémon Center Eevee Collection campaign (November 2012).


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