Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign

The Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign (伝説ポケモンプレゼントキャンペーン) ran from July 21 to September 6, 2010. This was run very similarly to the Shiny Pokémon Present Campaign ran earlier in June 2010.


Participants had to get 2 barcodes from Pokemon TCG products, affix them to an application postcard, and mail them in.

This would enter them into one of two lotteries, with each lottery having 5000 winners. Course A would have 6 new promo cards featuring legendary Shiny Pokemon, while Course B would feature the two-card LEGEND cards from recent expansions. The Pokemon website featured an announcement image for the campaign that would steadily reveal more cards added to Course B over time.

Event image from the Pokemon website.
Later image showing more cards in Course B

Entrants would have to fill out the following in the entry postcard:

  • Postal Code
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Child’s Age
  • Child’s Gender
  • Store where packs were purchased
  • Which prize course (A or B)

Entrants would also have to fill out the following questionnaire

Where did you find out about this campaign?
TV Commercials
Card store
Pokemon.com homepage

What game do you like playing the most right now?
Pokemon Card Game
Card games other than Pokemon
Hyper Yo-Yo
Video games (PSP, Wii, etc.)

Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign questionnaire

Valid products

The following products were eligible to use barcodes from:

  • Booster packs from the DP series: “Creation of Time and Space Diamond Collection” “Creation of Time and Space Pearl Collection” “Secret of the Lake” “Hikaru Darkness” “Chase of Moonlight” “Sprint of Dawn” “Cry of Unexplored Area” “Temple of Anger” “Fierce Battle of the Sky”
  • Booster packs from the DPt series: “Ginga no Hado” “End of Time Bonds” “Frontier Heartbeat” “Arceus Korin”
  • Booster packs from the LEGEND series: “Heart Gold Collection” “Soul Silver Collection” “Reviving Legend” “Crest Clash”

Course A Rewards

Course A rewarded 5,000 people with 1 full set of 6 shiny legendary Pokemon. Each of these would later be printed in the English “Call of Legends” set, alongside the other shiny legendary Pokemon from the previous lottery campaign.

Course B Rewards

Course B rewarded 5,000 people with a full set of 9 (technically 18) Pokemon LEGEND cards. These were the dual Pokemon cards from the Japanese LEGEND sets: HeartGold Collection, SoulSilver Collection, Reviving Legends, and Clash at the Summit.

Sealed copies of the giveaway cards.
Cards received for a Course B winner

Unlimited L1 Cards

Comparison of the 1st edition regular set prints and the promotional unlimited prints for a Ho-Oh LEGEND from the L1 set.

The Japanese LEGEND sets were marked with a L1, L2, L3, or L4 set symbol. The four sets were all printed in 1st edition, but only L2, L3, and L4 were also printed in unlimited edition boosters.

This is notable because the Ho-oh LEGEND and Lugia LEGEND cards given away in this lottery were from the L1 set, making the unlimited versions exclusive to this and other giveaway events during this era.

The remaining LEGEND cards given away were also unlimited prints, but because those are available in set boosters, they aren’t particularly special.


Special thanks to e4westinpieces for helping me research this article!

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