New year, new Pokumon!

Happy 2022 everyone! I spent the latter half of 2021 doing a bunch of backend site additions and optimizations, and as a result the site should run almost 100% faster than its previous iteration!

This has had some other side effects, like the loss of some nifty fonts I was using (they were greatly slowing down the load speeds, which just wasn’t worth it). Additionally, I upgraded to a much faster hosting server, which has increased hosting costs per month. As always, you can see a fully transparent list of costs here. Thank you to everyone who has donated and continues to help contribute to this site. It really means a lot that so many are interested in preserving Pokemon’s TCG history ūüôā

I’ve also added another large batch of cards to the data base, namely alternate holos / stamped cards all the way up to the Sword & Shield set era. To check them out, select “Special Print” as the promotional set, or just click here