Nintendo 64 W Double Get Campaign

Between December 10, 1997 and January 31, 1998, customers at participating stores who purchased a Nintendo 64 were given 2 new promo cards: Hungry Snorlax and Cool Porygon. They were also given a copy of “Singing Pokémon Encyclopedia” (うたうポケモン図鑑), a Music CD that featured 4 music tracks.

Booklet front
Booklet with promo cards and Food tokens
Booklet back

Both Hungry Snorlax and Cool Porygon would later be reprinted in the Pokemon Song Best Collection CD. These reprints were identical to the ones distributed with the Nintendo 64 campaign.

Food Tokens

The cards were contained in a booklet that came sealed with the Music CD. Additionally, the booklet included 2 “Food” counters that were to be used with Hungry Snorlax’s attacks. These tokens were stored in a pocket behind the Hungry Snorlax card.

The Music CD had previously been given away at Nintendo’s Space World 1997, a video game trade show hosted by Nintendo from 1989 to 2001. It featured Cool Porygon’s and Hungry Snorlax’s design on its front and back.

Sealed CD + booklet
Back cover featuring Hungry Snorlax
Disc design

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