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Battle Road 2005

Continuing from 2004’s tournaments, Battle Road 2005 resumed another 3 seasonal tournaments in spring, summer, and autumn. Battle Road Spring

Toyota Auto Campaign

From October through December 1997, customers who went to Toyota Auto dealerships around Japan could receive a pamphlet with two


Pokemon Daisuki Club

Established in late January 2004, the Pokemon Daisuki Club was a Japanese Pokemon fan club that encompassed the video games, anime, TCG, and all aspects of the Pokemon franchise. For

International Tropical Mega Battle 1999

The 1999 Tropical Mega Battle (TMB) was the first instance of what would now be considered a world championship for the TCG. It was open to elementary school players (ages

Early Pokemon Illustration Contests

From the end of 1997 through the summer of 1998, Shogakukan’s CoroCoro Comic hosted 3 illustration contests. Each contest would be announced in a monthly issue of the comic, and

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