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Battle Road 2006

Continuing from 2005’s tournaments, Battle Road 2006 resumed with another 2 seasonal tournaments in spring and summer. Battle Road Autumn did not occur this year, and was replaced with the Pokemon

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Battle Road 2005

Continuing from 2004’s tournaments, Battle Road 2005 resumed another 3 seasonal tournaments in spring, summer, and autumn. Battle Road Spring 2005 kicked off 2005’s tournament circuit starting from March 13,

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Battle Road 2003

Continuing from 2002 Battle Roads was the 2003 tournament circuit. Similar to the previous year’s tournaments, Battle Road 2003 was divided into 3 age groups: juniors (elementary school), seniors (junior

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Battle Road 2004

Continuing in tradition with 2003’s tournament circuit, Battle Road resumed with Battle Road Spring 2004. Starting March 21, 2004, a series of regional tournaments would be held at 7 venues

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Champion Road 2000

Champion Road 2000 was a regional tournament circuit and national championships that concluded the 1999 – 2000 Grand Party Campaign that had started with the Challenge Road 1999 Summer. The

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