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Battle Road 2002

Continuing the tradition of an annual spring and summer tournament circuit, Pokemon announced Battle Road 2002. These tournaments continued the structures set in place by previous tournaments like Challenge Road

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Battle Road 2006

Continuing from 2005’s tournaments, Battle Road 2006 resumed with another 2 seasonal tournaments in spring and summer. Battle Road Autumn did not occur this year, and was replaced with the Pokemon

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Battle Road 2005

Continuing from 2004’s tournaments, Battle Road 2005 resumed another 3 seasonal tournaments in spring, summer, and autumn. Battle Road Spring 2005 kicked off 2005’s tournament circuit starting from March 13,

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Battle Road 2003

Continuing from 2002 Battle Roads was the 2003 tournament circuit. Similar to the previous year’s tournaments, Battle Road 2003 was divided into 3 age groups: juniors (elementary school), seniors (junior

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Battle Road 2004

Continuing in tradition with 2003’s tournament circuit, Battle Road resumed with Battle Road Spring 2004. Starting March 21, 2004, a series of regional tournaments would be held at 7 venues

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Champion Road 2000

Champion Road 2000 was a regional tournament circuit and national championships that concluded the 1999 – 2000 Grand Party Campaign that had started with the Challenge Road 1999 Summer. The

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