Super Trainer Showdown 2000

The Super Trainer Showdowns 2000 were two official Pokemon TCG tournaments that occurred in the summer and fall of 2000. They were the first top-level event that Wizards of the Coast would host for the TCG, which had been recently released the previous year in America.

To make the events more accessible, they were not DCI-sanctioned (the official ranking system for all Wizards products), meaning that players could play without registering for a DCI number. They did however follow the same rules as DCI-sanctioned tournaments.

Super Trainer Showdown 2000 advertising card

The Super Trainer Showdowns were actually international events despite being held in America. Wizards aimed to support the non-Japanese international releases by inviting a few players from other countries where the TCG was being distributed in.


Both West and East Coast Super Trainer Showdowns (STS) were open to general attendees. However, players could secure guaranteed entry with a “Gold Invitation”. They earned these by placing highly in the Pokemon TCG Tours that took place in malls across America earlier in 2000.

A spot could also be secured by special invite by being a highly ranked DCI player, or by being a special international attendee. It is unknown how these international players were chosen, but it was likely by local DCI rankings.

For those who wanted to attend as general attendees, they had to present their Pokemon League badge books with a requisite amount of badges. For the first STS (West Coast), this requirement was 3 badges. For the second STS (East Coast), this requirement was 5 badges.

Even those with the required number of badges were not guaranteed entry if the event reached capacity. This happened to many attendees at the first West Coast tournament, so Wizards created a pre-registration process for the second east coast tournament.

The East Coast tournaments also had on-site registration, but players were encouraged to pre-register to avoid being turned away on-site if the tournament filled up.

Page from STS East Coast information book with invitation details, courtesy of thunder_moo
Pokemon League 2000 Badge Book

Gold Invitation

Players who played in the Super Trainer Showdown Qualifiers at the Pokemon Tours held across America in 2000 had an opportunity to win a “Gold Invitation”, which guaranteed their entry into the tournament.

By winning at least 3 games in a row at the qualifiers, players would be given the Gold Invitation, and then at a later date would be mailed a letter and player information packet. Those who were the top winner at each tour location also won a trip for 2 to the STS location.

Exterior of Gold Invitation booklet, courtesy of pokemon aah!
Interior of Gold Invitation booklet, courtesy of pokemon aah!
Cover from STS East Coast information book, courtesy of thunder_moo
East Coast Invitation letter mailed to Gold Invitation winners, courtesy of pokemon aah!
West Coast Invitation letter mailed to Gold Invitation winners, courtesy of Jon Brooks (theblastoisekid)

Tournament Structure

Introduction of the tournament structure from the STS West Coast information book, courtesy of Jon Brooks (theblastoisekid)

Both the West Coast & East Coast tournaments had similar tournament structures, known as “Swiss-draw”. This structure was commonly used in other Wizards of the Coast tournaments that it had previously held for its Magic: the Gathering card game.

Players were divided into 3 age divisions: 10 and Under, 11 – 14, and 15 and Over.

Swiss-draw Tournament

Tournament rules from STS East Coast information book, courtesy of thunder_moo

At the start of the tournament, all players were randomly paired against another person. They would then play a single game with a full 60-card deck, 6 prizes, and a 25 minute time limit.

After 25 minutes, players were awarded points based on their record:

  • 3 points for a decisive win: Take all your prizes or opponent decks out
  • 2 points for an adjudicated win: Take more prizes than your opponent when time is called
  • 1 point for a draw: Same number of prizes when time is called
  • 0 points for a loss.

This would repeat after each match, with players being paired up in subsequent rounds with other players with similar point totals.

After 6 – 8 rounds (varied depending on attendance in each age division), the top 8 players in each age division based on total points would advance to the finals. If there was a tie for point totals, a “resist” score would be calculated by summing up all the points earned by a given player’s opponents. Players with a higher “resist” score would be placed above those with lower ones, since they had faced “stronger” opponents.

The top 8 players would then play in a single-elimination tournament to determine the top 8 placement order.

Allowed Cards

Since the TCG was so new in America, there was no real ban list. All cards produced by Wizards of the Coast were allowed, with the except of a few promotional cards. The following card sets were legal to use:

  • Base Set
  • Base Set 2
  • Jungle
  • Fossil
  • Team Rocket
  • Gym Heroes
  • Gym Challenge (only added for the East Coast tournament)
  • All Wizards Black Star promos that had currently be released

The Ancient Mew promo card from Pokemon the Movie 2000 theatrical release, as well as the multilingual cards from the Pikachu World Collection were not allowed.


Excerpt from the information booklet about the prizes

Winners from each age group received a variety of exclusive prizes. Even those who did not place highly won booster packs as prizes, which were a mix of Base Set, Base Set 2, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, and Gym Heroes boosters. Wizards of the Coast staff also gave out a variety of promotional and special release cards at the venue. Multiple people reported getting promo cards like Cool Porygon or Prerelease Clefable.

All participants received an event T-Shirt featuring a special graphic on the front, and event dates on the back.

The top 4 winners at the event came in bronze, silver, and gold. They all featured the same Machamp design on them.

11 – 14 top 4 winners at East Coast STS 2000 with medals
Front of medal, courtesy of Mokog
Back of medal, courtesy of Mokog

The top 4 winners also each received a special denim jacket with Super Trainer Showdown emblazoned across the back. The Pokemon League logo and winner’s name were stitched into the front.

Jack Savage’s winning jacket (front)
Back of Jacket

The top 8 winners received a special baseball cap and a card binder.

STS 2000 cap
Binder front
Binder back
Binder spine
Binder insert

Finally, all participants received a Super Trainer Certificate.

Super Trainer Certificate

West Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2000

The West Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2000 was held in Long Beach, California on a historic cruise-ship-turned-hotel, the Queen Mary on July 22, 2000. The free-to-attend event drew over 7,000 fans from around the world.

The Queen Mary during normal operation
The Queen Mary during the STS 2000
Venue entrance

Multiple reports criticized Wizards of the Coast’s organization of the West Coast STS. Since there was no pre-registration, many families had travelled a long distance to attend with their children, only to be greeted with massive lines. After waiting for several hours, many were turned away since the venue reached capacity, with a consolation prize of a Team Rocket booster pack and a free ticket to explore the Queen Mary‘s haunted boat tour.

An event report from Beckett Collector Magazine
Beckett Collector magazine coverage on the main tournament
Report on the other side events

For those who did manage to get into the event the main tournament was conducted smoothly. Much of the metagame was aggressive beatdown, Blastoise Rain Dance, or Wigglytuff decks.

Attendees play on the floor as they wait to get in
Main “Swiss-draw” tournament underway. A staff member can be seen in white.
Finals area with surrounding onlookers

West Coast STS 2000 Top 8

Click on each player’s name to view their decklist.

10 and Under





11 – 14





15 and Over





West Coast STS 2000 Final Standings

10 and Under

Joseph Viray (7) def. Dean Bartlett (1)

Dean Bartlett (1) def. Mitch Morris (4)
Joseph Viray (7) def. Brock Christianson (6)

Dean Bartlett (1) def. Gilbert Manquez (8)
Mitch Morris (4) def. Chris Graham (5)
Joseph Viray (7) def. Ken Knight (2)
Brock Christianson (6) def. Devin Diamond (3)

Full Standings
1Viray Joseph16106
2Bartlett Dean2190
3-4Christianson Brock1885
3-4Morris Mitch1890
5-8Diamond Devin1897
5-8Graham Chris1886
5-8Knight Ken18104
5-8Marquez Gilbert1682
9Bartlett Wesley15114
10Knight John1588
11Howell Steven1588
12Tapia Stasha1581
13Marshall Steven1579
14Wong Timothy1579
15Tapia Michael1579
16Johnson Jack1579
17Schiller Erik1578
18Arriola Gabriel1578
19Norstrom Gavin1578
20Madrid Alex1576
21Thurner Nick1574
22Powell Billy1570
23Sanchez Paul1564
24Mautino Chris1495
25Turkawski Katherine1484
26Khodar Sylvie1476
27Johnson Rachel1472
28Kamm BJ1386
29Thompson Jerrall1383
30Aquino Julie1380
31Hopfer Stephen1374
32Luong, Michelle1361
33Her Jim1291
34Leutenegger Alex1289
35Kozeniesky Kevin1287
36Bays Tim1285
37Chase Patrick1282
38Mansfield Selene1281
39Castillo Jennifer1281
40Hemphill Jefferey1280
41Leung Brian1280
42Permian Spencer1280
43Konrad Joe1279
44Lyong, Brandon1278
45Shimona Taber1275
46Van Winkle Indianna1272
47Kellner Jennifer1271
48Poon Florence1271
49Stanly William1270
50Rossin Luke1270
51Baxter Jay1269
52Borchardt, Stephanie1268
53Skrah Dylan1268
54Papay Sean1268
55Bartlett Sean1267
56Daniel Matt1267
57Williams Eric1266
58Silva Matthew1264
59Bryant Alex1263
60Reeves Camden1263
61Yribe Warren1257
62Glover Amanda1186
63Gent Tina1186
64Tang Joey1179
65Brent Derrek1168
66Minor Kyle1137
67Gaede Steven1094
68Robertson Darrell1070
69Cawthon Ross1068
70Reid Alec1066
71Claman Louie1066
72Teeguarden, Alex1060
73Moy Andy1048
74Gauer Jon986
75Hyder Brandan982
76Schilling Andrew977
77Hansen Matt977
78Ruelos Ryan976
79Gonzales Darian975
80Osika Samatha973
81Gutierrez Samuel972
82Nakamura Chaz970
83Wishoff, Matt970
84Tucker Derek969
85Aronson Jenny965
86Luc, Jasper964
87Peralta Kevin964
88Ke, Rithesiha962
89Sanchez Eirc962
90Paulson Brendon961
91Najera Kaylen961
92Pham Kristina959
93Beck Richard959
94Maldanado Mandy955
95Camerena, Ray950
96Borchardt, Robbie949
97Ernest Christopher949
98Carlin Bryon946
99Coffman Alec883
100Kontinakis Teddy875
101Nguyen Anderson871
102Camerena, Ricky864
103Vanrhee Helena863
104Hatfield Joel862
105Velasquez BJ851
106Wishoff, Steven769
107Nelson Mike680
108Aumada Alexis674
109Porter Chris672
110Caceres Carlos670
111Hettrick Justin670
112Godfrey Duncan668
113Magat Jhonnel668
114Bays Donna665
115Pfeifer Taylor664
116Nguyen Daniel663
117Burnett Mark661
118Caceres Abigail659
119Bouteher Jennifer659
120Knaack Andrew658
121Bracamontes Michael657
122Perkins Shawn652
123Black Derek647
124Fisher Robert647
125Chan Jason643
126Bolton Bradley560
127Petrone Andrew551
128Blondin, Kyle468
129Johnson Skyler384
130Anguiano Chelsie371
131Eddy Brandon371
132Hurba, Christina365
133Diamond Shayng363
134Smith Dylan360
135Brown Cody359
136Jenkins Ryan356
137Wisniewsky, Stephen353
138Colombo Jordan344
139Carstens Graham162
140Davis Derek084
141Turkawski Jessica077
142Gonzales Dorian070
143Marquez Giovanni067
144Stager Nate056
145Marquez Andrew053
146Tucker Alex049
147Moore Matthew046

11 – 14

Jack Savage (7) def. Kody Barret (5)

Kody Barret (5) def. Zach Froelich (8)
Jack Savage (7) def. Daniel Nino (6)

Zach Froelich (8) def. Matthew Townend (1)
Kody Barret (5) def. Ben Ferguson (4)
Jack Savage (7) def. Derek Bowling (2)
Daniel Nino (6) def. John Pratt (3)

Full Standings
1Savage, Jack20117
2Barret, Kody20125
3-4Froelich, Zach18138
3-4Nino, Daniel20117
5-8Bowling, Derek21126
5-8Ferguson, Ben21105
5-8Pratt, John21119
5-8Townend Matthew24131
9Munch, Mike18133
10Johnson Jeremiah18131
11Gonzales Adam18121
12Shoulder, Cade18119
13Williams, David18112
14Beacham, Fritz18107
15McCown, Eric18105
16Ferrel Tim18104
17Ramirez, John18103
18Smith Kelly18102
19Platta, Andy18101
20Lopez, Francisco1899
21Nguyen Knoa1892
22Peditto, Christopher1892
23Cuajunco Gabriel1891
24Bennett, Michael1889
25Martinez, TJ17116
26Falah, Sami17113
27Beacham, Lloyd17109
28Mantino Richard17105
29Low, Jeffrey16102
30Turkawski, Alex16100
31Murphy, Andrew15135
32Goldstein, Josh15123
33Chiang Tim15121
34Tamblyn, Mitchell15120
35Bork, Joshua15120
36Poestkoke, Sean15119
37Tran, Howard15118
38Luong, Brian15116
39Ramos, Charlie15114
40Cook Adam15111
41Udarbe, Jeff15111
42Wilms, Chris15111
43Pham, Jonathan15110
44Torres, Michael15108
45Tucker, Tyler15105
46Downey, Brad15104
47Alanis, Chris15103
48Ruelos, Nikko15102
49May, Matthew15102
50Osborne, Matthew15102
51Phillips, John15102
52Ugarte, Osualdo15101
53Pham, Paul15101
54Miller, Betty1599
55Washington, Zuriel1599
56Jauniaux Jonathan1598
57Johnson, Matt1598
58Meckley, Jordon1596
59Maldonado, Joe1595
60Hansen, Jill1594
61Carrlin, Andrew1594
62Morning Star, Tommy1591
63Boyle, Patrick1587
64Gent, Aaron1585
65Thomas, Anthony1584
66Rosul, Grant1581
67Wu, Matt1576
68Les, Greg14108
69Loerke, David1497
70Tamblyn, Alex1496
71Schergen James1480
72Henson Ryan13109
73D’amico Lindsay1394
74Milewski, Dave1391
75Andry, Marcellus1388
76Yuen, Jonathan1385
77Amaya, Ash1377
78Rock, Justin12121
79Aguilar, JR12112
80Peralta, Airon12112
81Lee, Geoff12110
82Nerona, Nolan12109
83Van-Leuren, Robert12108
84Guymon Alex12107
85Esparza, Sean12107
86Torres, Joseph12107
87Comerford Jasen12105
88Jones, Joseph12104
89Silva, Sergio12103
90Le, Philip12102
91Graham, DJ12102
92Harry, Jayson12102
93Fung, Jonathan12100
94Slack, Gabe12100
95Gividen Bryan1297
96Paulson Melanie1296
97Newman, Chris1296
98O’Brien James1294
99Estavillo, Frederick1294
100Pike, Ezra1294
101Weir, Sierra1293
102Sweet, Charles1291
103Graham, Alex1290
104Evans Ted1289
105Tran, Chris1289
106Kamchee Spencer1287
107Cossio, Ryan1287
108Romero, Anthony1287
109Munch, Yvonne1284
110Matias, Eric1282
111Arriola, Lorenzo1281
112Beattie, Troy1281
113Mann, Eric1276
114Valencia, Jose1276
115Paca, Jonathan1271
116Pajarillo Melissa1270
117Martinez, Antonio1261
118Teeter, Alex11101
119Kochis, Robert1197
120Farzin, Sam1196
121Woods, John1192
122Reynaga, Rene1190
123Minor, Ross1185
124Garin, Fernand1180
125Debes, Brian1179
126Tumia, Danny1176
127Nelson Jeff1092
128Aoun, Peter1090
129Contreras, Salvador1084
130Kahn, Steven1076
131Perkins Alfred1069
132Stancliff, Brody9115
133Hyman Brian9113
134Perucca Michael9105
135Ke, Rithueasna9103
136Munch, Greg999
137Thayer, Jonathan996
138Edwards, Jason995
139Lim, David995
140Petrone, Eugene993
141Martinez, Alexander991
142Nyssen, Derek991
143Kong Peter990
144Hixson, Casey990
145Lara, Orlando987
146Jansen, Nick987
147Sanchez, Chris987
148Luna, Andrew986
149Yee, David985
150Spurlock Wesley984
151Lawson, Ross984
152Grant Greg983
153Grunauer, George981
154Cary, Marshall981
155Nuckols, Samuel978
156Strawh, Robert978
157Anguiano Jesse976
158Olguih, Brandon972
159Lee, Christopher970
160Torres, Terry970
161Dallacqua, Ryan969
162Dhar, Abhinav967
163King, Darryl966
164Chan, Joey961
165Smith, Garrett958
166Roach, Anthony8115
167Jones, Tim898
168Bates, Chris897
169Johnson, Adrianne896
170Gutierrez, Tiffany883
171Schilling, Nathan880
172Crown, Cameron880
173Cary, Marina874
174Farrell, Royal846
175Arias, Stephan788
176Cossio, Amid778
177Luk Kevin776
178Perez, Alex769
179Thomas, Tyler767
180Hornbacher, Brennan758
181Kuwahara, Derek6112
182Seaburgh, Roman6109
183Rufino, Phillip6104
184Higginbothom Brandon6101
185Pajarillo Phillip699
186Garcia Andrew689
187Gabagat, Erik688
188Fung, Roger685
189Kojimoto, Karly681
190Mackay, Scott680
191Yasuhara, Toshio678
192Walton, Melissa675
193Uint, Tyler674
194James Andy670
195Martinez, Richard668
196Crust, Joe661
197Driscoll, Lisa655
198Giler, Eric655
199Lelen, Kevin584
200Marquez, Vanessa559
201VanDeusen, Tommy491
202Whitney-Monical, Hope479
203Gosling, Nicole471
204Bryant, Garret467
205Cometa, Steven3120
206Pham, Andrew3101
207Leon Tyler395
208Burnett, John393
209Nakamura, Grant390
210Grossaint, James384
211Treptow Aaron372
212Dawson, Andrew364
213Brown, Spencer355
214Hoitt Kenny161
215Lim, Daniel0136
216Carlin, Andrew0120
217Vasquez, Ismael0104
218Loerke, David0104
219Kojimoto, Matthew088
220Montoya, Salvador083
221Ruddock, Ashely076
222Lazaro, Jath069

15 and Over

Andrew Marshall (3) def. William Lieu (8)

William Lieu (8) def. Chris Neathery (4)
Andrew Marshall (3) def. Alvin Osborn (7)

William Lieu (8) def. Marcus Abreu (1)
Chris Neathery (4) def. Jared Stein (5)
Alvin Osborn (7) def. Jay Yu (2)
Andrew Marshall (3) def. Darren Guiao (6)

Full Standings
1Andrew Marshall21116
2William Lieu18112
3-4Chris Neathery20118
3-4Alvin Osborn18118
5-8Marcus Abreu21130
5-8Darren Guiao1993
5-8Jared Stein19112
5-8Jay Yu21120
9Tymon Martindale18108
10Kevin Yee18103
11Beth Neathery1898
12Ben Serr1892
13Bo Vu17114
14Scott Gerhardt17112
15Tsukasa Kitahara17107
16Chad Mills17105
17Jojo Javier17102
18Rob Thayer16127
19Bob Bickel16120
20Todd Brock16109
21Rey Berrones16107
22Mark Coder16103
23Devon Bowling1699
24Geoffrey Hom1682
25Chris Schroeder15121
26Chris Dayley15117
27Glenn Pearman15114
28Israel Quiroz15106
29Matthew Turner15105
30Curtis Golsch15104
31Ryan Crimo15101
32Ralph Kunkle15101
33Michael Laursen1597
34Fred Najera1597
35Alex Nastuk1586
36David Jennings1584
37Rudy Rodriguez1583
38Paul Yu1582
39Corey Green1576
40Josh Thibadeaux1572
41Matt Teeter14110
42Roman Berrones1499
43Glenmore Wong1497
44Gregg Sandoval1497
45Nicholas Bergez1495
46Kevin Marshall1493
47Ronald Kunkle1491
48Christine Amaral1487
49Scott Wheeler1484
50Carmen Cordero13112
51Michael Musni13105
52Andy Laursen13104
53Tareq Falah13104
54Randy Hano1397
55Frank Landazuri1396
56Rhodney Viray1395
57Jeremy Borchardt1395
58Gerald McKee1382
59Bruce Long1380
60Murvin Durkee12113
61Richard Eslava12110
62Philippe Vanlieu12108
63Mark Zawacki12103
64Daniel Salinas12100
65Santiago Dorwello1298
66Melvin Borchardt1298
67William Hung1298
68Marvin Aquino1297
69Mark Schiller1295
70Geoffrey Paulson1290
71Dawn Wishoff1290
72Kim Cary1289
73Gary Paulson1287
74Mike Castillo1287
75Paul Kingsley1287
76Ed Viray1283
77Lionel Trias1282
78James O’Brien1282
79Jenny Low1281
80Athena Epperson1280
81Michael Wedge1278
82Michelle Frechette1278
83Michael Chase1275
84Tam Nguyen1198
85John Salalila1196
86Mike Bays1192
87Miguel Silva1191
88Ken Tamblyn1187
89Cullen Cook1186
90Gordon Kane1185
91Thomas Hopfer1185
92Antonio Jara Jr.1184
93Alan Jenkins1182
94Pol Vanrhee1180
95Daniel Walton1179
96Chris Schenk1166
97Jason Archer10100
98Eddie Park10100
99Larry Pylant1096
100Patrick Donovan1091
101David Palileo1088
102Michael Egbert1082
103Luis Moran1073
104Lorenzo Arriola1072
105Darryl Ballard1060
106Joel Cuthbert9116
107Carlos Dejesus9111
108Kelly Jensen9108
109Lisa Leutenegger9102
110John Ceballos999
111Laura Turkawski996
112Michael Hart991
113Joshua Minnon990
114Lynette Hart988
115Scott Sager987
116Curtis Carpenter987
117Kevin Bowsfield984
118Bruce Monical984
119Kevin Kelly982
120Kyle Cruz981
121Nick Leslie980
122Michael Hyder980
123David Kellner978
124Rickie Speirs967
125Alex Hanson964
126Janine Madrid962
127Jesse Lendazuri8113
128Richard Carnan899
129April Epperson893
130Leo Sanchez887
131Kevin Gent874
132Terri Hopfer871
133Travis Beattie868
134Rhonda Yribe865
135Avery Cannon865
136Duane Honeyman782
137Jay Vales781
138Diane Honeyman775
139David Graham775
140Bertha Pena773
141Gregory Grant767
142Monika Olson766
143Cary Cary766
144Brian Garbett764
145Sam Gutierrez6107
146Victor Hernandez693
147Ben Morris692
148Charlie Hodges691
149Mickey Griffin686
150David Wallin681
151Marie Robertson680
152Peter Bracamontes678
153James Chacon678
154Alfonso Anzo672
155Kevin Leon667
156Matt Blondin656
157David Papay592
158Lauri Papay589
159Chris Boutcher581
160Kris Olson578
161Gabriele Gent568
162Andrea Pittman565
163Ken Shimono565
164Andres Rodriguez4103
165Steve Perucca499
166Michelle Cook465
167Clayton Moser450
168Steve Diamond3101
169Anthony Vernon390
170Cory Guzman378
171David Danenberg372
172Fredrick Louie371
173Mary Diamond167
174Michael Dempsey154
175Pat Hughes154
176Neil Magat0104
177Jesse Land086
178Joshua Glover083
179Lynette Moore061
180Shanon Shaw059

East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2000

STS East Coast event flyer, courtesy of thunder_moo

The Super Trainer Showdown would travel to the East Coast in the fall. It was held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

This venue was much larger and more well-organized than the previous event. It is reported that over 6300 attendees attended, with over 700 playing in the main tournament

Meadowlands Exposition Center during the event

While there was the addition of the new Gym Challenge expansion, the metagame still remained largely the same in terms of deck archetypes. Beatdown decks added in Team Rocket’s Zapdos as another aggressive powerful Basic Pokemon, but the field was still largely the same Wigglytuff, Beatdown, and Blastoise Rain Dance decks.

Jason Klaczynski at the event

Multiple players who played in the Tropical Mega Battle events in Hawaii participated at this tournament. This included 2000 Tropical Mega Battle champion & multi-time world champion Jason Klaczynski (15 and Over), 2001 Tropical Mega Battle finalist Jason Imperiale (11 – 14), 2002 Tropical Mega Battle VS Shield battle champion Jerome Schosse (10 and Under), and fellow 2002 Tropical Mega Battle participant Jonathan Brooks (10 an Under).

East Coast STS 2000 Top 8

Click on each player’s name to view their decklist.

10 and Under





11 – 14





15 and Over





East Coast STS 2000 Final Standings

10 and Under

Jonathan Brooks (2) def. Jerome Schosse (4)

Jerome Schosse (4) def. Christopher Bailey (8)
Jonathan Brooks (2) def. David Santos (6)

Christopher Bailey (8) def. Elliot Freidmann (1)
Jerome Schosse (4) def. Malcolm Scotland (5)
Jonathan Brooks (2) def. Gabriel Mends (7)
David Santos (6) def. Glen Sylvester (3)

Full Standings
1Brooks, Jonathan2196
2Schosse, Jerome1899
3-4Santos, David1892
3-4Bailey, Christopher1784
5-8Freidmann, Elliot21106
5-8Sylvester, Glen1899
5-8Scotland, Malcolm1895
5-8Mends, Gabriel1890
9Sparacino, Joseph1897
10Vargas, Andy1692
11Yue, Michael1678
12Knight, Ken15100
13Bohnam, Bryson15100
14Mancini, Devon1599
15Chance, Robbie1595
16Mavleos, Cory1592
17Rao, Amit1592
18Curry, Aaron1590
19Caro, Chris1589
20Rumford, Bryce1589
21Bayne, Bobby1589
22Crow, Robbie1588
23Kenny, Bobby1587
24Campbell, Gary1585
25Moore, Sean1580
26Cordeiro, Mark1579
27Sharp, Dean1578
28Toeniskoetter, Clare1578
29Boyd, Trai1577
30LaMancusa, Paul1577
31Knight, John1573
32Craig, Miranda1481
33Kendle, Kevin1464
34Singh, Dhiran1388
35Hodgson, Johnny1386
36Burton, Bonnie1383
37Flick, Jonas1371
38Ferguson, Steven1369
39Olmo, Billy1366
40Kolchinski, Yuri1365
41Cresswell, Bryan1294
42Roche, Jonathan1294
43Williams, Max1287
44Mermelstein, Daniel1287
45Braaten, Daniel1285
46Watson, Kenny1285
47Tang, Yang1284
48Lomas, James1284
49Robertson, Darrell1284
50Labar, Chelsea1283
51Genato, Ryan1282
52Rowbotham, Amy1282
53Coghlan, Tyler1282
54Hofgren-Ingster, Alexander1281
55Marshall, Steven1278
56Barlock, Michael1278
57Buck, Frank1278
58Bohman, Cody1277
59Biehl, Isabella1277
60Shiffman, Zak1274
61Reynolds, Michael1273
62Camacho, Andre1271
63Roe, Alexander1270
64Franco, Michael1270
65Sharafinski, Jeffrey1270
66Rosado, Daniel1270
67Turner, Ryan1270
68Bittinger, Shawn1269
69Tirabassi, Michael1269
70Veenstra, Ardjuna1268
71Messinger, David1266
72Toeniskoetter, Drew1266
73Varona, Pete1263
74Kramer, Benjamin1256
75Jessing, Stephen1256
76Cresswell, Sarah1164
77Urberger, Bobby1156
78Fischer, Timmy1084
79Lopez, Justin1077
80Williams, Joshua1076
81Fiegleman, Jordan1075
82Rich, Theo1073
83McArthur, Ian1068
84Theodorou, Michael1055
85Schirardi, Steven1048
86Merrill, Lauren984
87Pikulski, Marc984
88Colson, Joseph983
89Montalbano, Lisa982
90Morabito, Adam978
91Wagner, Michelle977
92Mahowald, Morgan977
93Bonham, Brianna976
94Goodman, Cody976
95Berke, Andrew972
96Szymczak, Mark972
97Christian, Caitlin970
98Kazmierski, Andrew969
99Chronopoulos, Alex969
100Donegan, Thomas968
101Carron, Joshua967
102Falk, Andy967
103Lahtinen, Evan967
104Fink, Aaron964
105Petrack, Rachel964
106Julian, Alex964
107Devisser, Timothy963
108Miller, Kyle961
109Yue, Daniel960
110Correa, Edward958
111Robinson, Weston957
112Collins, Seth956
113Tassi, Renato955
114Barone, Jospeh954
115Jessing, Brian954
116Howe, Jake946
117Steski, Matthew946
118Tuan, Keith945
119Kappenberg, Geoffrey877
120Rogers, Alan876
121Elding, Jonathan873
122Ingebretson, Jonas873
123Sacks, Lloyd776
124Bengtsson, Kenneth776
125Markello, Ross756
126Tokar, Andrew754
127Gonzalez, Darian753
128Schiller, Erik684
129Velasquez, Diego680
130Kessel, Nathan678
131Craig, Orion674
132Larson, Eric674
133Kowalsky, Cory670
134Bayne, Jimmy669
135Sauk, Benjamin665
136Callanan, Alayna664
137Negley, Josh661
138Denny Jr., Charlie659
139Oliverio, Nicholas659
140Abneri, Joshua659
141Geiger, Frank659
142Appelbaum, Sammy658
143Frim, Eliana654
144Trube, Kenny653
145Azar, Cain650
146Mason, Spencer648
147Landry, Jeremy576
148Grevas, Nick553
149Yasue, Akira543
150Ferrara, Mike465
151Johnson, Billy395
152Estrella, Justin374
153Evans, Jack369
154Adamczyk, John-Michael365
155Mautino, Chris364
156Patterson, Ian363
157Lloyd, Adam360
158Labar, Brandon358
159Batt, Kristi355
160Bartos, Amanda353
161Buonocore, Michael339
162Bailey, Daniel270
163Emmons, Thomas091
164Weinberg, Stephen084
165Shi, Jennifer056
166Wagner, Nikki052

11 – 14

Rudy Rodriguez (3) def. James O’Brien (4)

James O’Brien (4) def. Carson White (1)
Rudy Rodriguez (3) def. Jason Imperiale (7)

Carson White (1) def Alex Elkins (8)
James O’Brien (4) def. Yi-An Lu (5)
Rudy Rodriguez (3) def. Andrew Daly (6)
Jason Imperiale (7) def. Kevin Chen (2)

Full Standings
1Rodriguez, Rudy21127
2O’Brien, James21126
3-4White, Carson24132
3-4Imperiale, Jason21119
5-8Chen, Kevin21135
5-8Lu, Yi – An21123
5-8Daly, Andrew21120
5-8Elkins, Alex21110
9Hrycyshyn, Tim21108
10Lee, Matthew21103
11Yontef, Scott2199
12Brooks, Timothy19119
13Sugalski, Adam1996
14Williams, Jacob18131
15Friedlander, David18130
16Varounis, Jason18126
17Schlosse, Gilles18124
18Plourde, Joe18123
19Agron, Jose18123
20DeLeon, Eric18122
21Auchter, Robbie18119
22Patrick, Timothy18117
23Kitch, Nicholas18114
24Block, Devin18114
25Smith, Tim18111
26Rust, Erik18111
27Theodorou, George18111
28Pishchik, Edward18109
29Donegan, Patrick18109
30Arnold, Miles18108
31Davidson, Kevin18107
32Bugosh, Nathan18105
33Contreras, Christian18102
34Herbert, Richard18102
35Friedmann, Doug18101
36Inden, Ashton18101
37Rumford, Will18100
38Formato, Alex1899
39Lampert, Josh1897
40Zawadzki, Michael1894
41Chang, Grace1893
42Saari, Kyle1887
43Lev, Alex1885
44Aragoncillo, Miguel17114
45Schiller, Chris17106
46Oettle, Colin17104
47Rowbotham, Daniel16119
48Gurta, Brian16105
49Palamason, Heimir16105
50Ruano, Jacob1682
51Lawson, Tywon15132
52Burton, Johnny15123
53Tokar, Sam15123
54Passanante, Jared15123
55Jaramillo, Oswaldo15122
56Birthelmer, Marty15121
57Rosenquist, R.S.15121
58Koontz, David15121
59Winter, John15120
60Petrochko, Cole15120
61McGowan, Sean15119
62Modiello, Phil15119
63Trunzo, Adam15118
64Brosseau, Alex15118
65Khais, Steven15116
66Cahayla, Robert15116
67Sage, Andy15116
68Desal, Zahir15114
69Costello, Tony15114
70Hau, Kendrew15113
71Cully, Siobhan15111
72Fredericks, Vincent15111
73Bradyhouse, Austin15108
74Willman, Max15108
75Vestre, Eskil15108
76Pruyn, Patrick15107
77Morabito, Dustin15107
78Merrill, Matt15105
79Durso, Frankie15104
80Battaglio, Ted15102
81Flaming, Jared15101
82Peditto, Chris15101
83Turner, Myron15100
84Reed, Ian15100
85Strefling, Felipe15100
86VanValkenburg, Chelsea15100
87Pierson, Keith15100
88Luna, Jose1599
89Siddiqi, Basit1598
90Zuniga, Robert1598
91Hinton, Tom1596
92Stoner, Sarah1596
93Poulsen, Mads1595
94Hogan, Joey1595
95Kowalsky, Erin1595
96Poms, Jesse1594
97Zyglowicz, Beth1593
98Dubin, Oz1593
99Montalbano, Joseph1592
100Amato, Vince1592
101Alvarez, Kristian1590
102Vilches, Chris1590
103Tremblay, Brandon1590
104Vinluan, Marvin1590
105Fahs, Frisco1589
106Erchick, Frank1587
107Hartzell, Jeremy1586
108Sandoval, Peter1580
109Kreinberg, David1579
110Shi, Syluio1578
111Gean, Derek1576
112Tyminski, Steven1573
113Jauniaux, Jonathan14123
114Wodarski, Ray1497
115Mauleos, Brandon13117
116Gurta, Julia13108
117Austin, Dylan13102
118Pizarro, Dante1397
119Hairston, Jason1393
120Gesualdi, Christopher1391
121Aleagha, Kyle1390
122McCormick, Ben1379
123Brooks, Eric12130
124Higgins, Michael12127
125Costa, Jonathan12123
126Pramawat, Michael12123
127Tassi, Luiz12118
128Ahsan, Saquib12117
129Williamson, Robbie12116
130Bonavita, Gary12116
131Pishchik, David12115
132Breckenridge, Josh12115
133Vogel, Aaron12114
134Grevas, Elias12114
135Proch, Torrie12113
136Grevas, Stephen12111
137Jones, Kyle12111
138South, Paul12111
139Ozeri, Jesse12108
140Wensink, Stacey12108
141Zheng, Sheng12106
142Marquez, John12106
143Grube, Adam12105
144Karcher, Ryan12104
145Koneval, John12103
146Azar, Rory12103
147Gill, Amy12102
148DelaFuente, Dan12102
149Brasten, Brendan12102
150Nelson, Jacob12101
151Clevinger, Michael12100
152Yezuita, Ashley12100
153Korybski, Michael12100
154Liesegang, Tom1299
155Bowden, Peter1299
156Evans, Warren1299
157Figueirado, Jorge1299
158Araszewicz, Milosz1298
159Rutenberg, David1298
160Perlmutter, Robert1298
161Ayers, Roslyn1296
162Spanier, Joe1296
163Wagner, Thomas1296
164McDonald, Beth1295
165Hine, Kevin1295
166Reynolds, Jeff1294
167Gregory, Gary1294
168Mautino, Richard1293
169Garofald, Michael1293
170Gellentien, Chris1292
171Duong, Johnny1291
172Bagnell, Nathaniel1291
173Sbrana, Claudio1291
174Juarez, Eser1290
175Singh, Sarah1290
176Boger, Michael1290
177McCoy, Matt1289
178Cousien, Anthony1289
179Hopper, Elizabeth1287
180Kendle, Michael1286
181Tsai, Stephen1286
182Heitner, Andrew1285
183Grube, John1285
184Biesenthal, Chris1283
185Thompsen, Jeff1282
186Moseson, Daniel1280
187Lam, Fievel1280
188Fechtmann, Michael1279
189Contreras, Paul1278
190Garcia, Aaron1275
191Sheperd, Ricky1271
192Coakley, Emmett1269
193Solorzano, Sergio1263
194Hopper, Jason11108
195Grim, Dan11105
196Figueroa, Christian1198
197Barone, Danielle1192
198Ushijima, Masahiko1179
199Reynolds, Joseph10105
200Rushton, Andrew10100
201Thompson, Billy1088
202Baez, Roberto1085
203Williamson, Matthew1083
204Judge, Tara1079
205Reid, Chris1076
206Sklar, Sam1076
207Strippoli, Joe1072
208Sobon, Allan9123
209Jahn, Robert9109
210Doccolo, Philip9106
211McGrail, Patrick9104
212Sita, Matthew9103
213Gay, Jason999
214Branca, Michael998
215Peterson, Eric997
216Capor, Rob996
217Sperling, Steve996
218Robinette, BJ996
219Jones, Joseph996
220Prelle, Ryan996
221Brown, Jonathan996
222Gonzalez, Willie995
223Jackson, Tyrone993
224Mckenzie, Kenyatta993
225Dahlquist, Jonas993
226Leffelbine, Drew992
227Geary, Tom991
228Northover, Keith991
229Hebra, Melissa991
230Fredericks, Steven991
231Williams, Steven990
232Rosado, Paul990
233Geary, William989
234Proch, Brandon989
235Winters, Bryan989
236Ruano, Nestor987
237Allor, Danielle987
238Iwaita, Mizue987
239Ellis, Joseph986
240Toeniskoetter, Matt985
241Block, Dylan984
242Henry, Samuel983
243Eisler, Oliver983
244Cantrel, Teddy982
245Korybski, Matt981
246Seaman, Michael981
247Williams, Douglas981
248Hopta, Timothy981
249Livingston, Tony981
250Butler, Kyle980
251Patek, Adam976
252Guessefeld, Aaron976
253Medeiros, Peter976
254Kreeber, Donald976
255Chiu, Kevin974
256Delorenzo, Amy972
257Sano, Matt971
258Perez, Julio969
259Castro, Jerry969
260Estrella, Jonathan961
261Popoloski, Stephen959
262Quackenbos Jr., Drew955
263Dos Santos, Matthew897
264Sison, Carl875
265Davis, Alex846
266Negley, Jake783
267Romero, Frankie780
268Kuhn, Geoffrey778
269King, George767
270Fernandes, Filipe767
271Montalvo, Stefan762
272Harnal, Mannu6116
273Jacob, Drew6112
274Baez, James6102
275Patterson Jr., William698
276Echavarria, Jeffrey696
277Lewan, Stephen696
278Roche, James693
279Gregorio, Marco691
280Narurkan, Ashum690
281Bills, Nick687
282Lotito, Tom686
283Bilby, Melissa686
284Long, Ian686
285Sano, Christopher685
286Ng, Christopher685
287Emmons, Dan684
288Silanen, Jani684
289Wertz, Eric683
290Strauss, Eric683
291Galehouse, Kyle681
292Benson, Eric679
293Aguileir, Christian678
294Olmo, Christine678
295Sokol, Andrew676
296Deshetler, Kyle675
297Mills, Phillie674
298Dicairano, Ken673
299Mason, TJ672
300Carter, Eric671
301Pugh, Victoria670
302Evelyn, David664
303Guilhin, Alizee660
304Klein, Kaz649
305Sugalski, Alex557
306Mattei, Anthony473
307Macabenta, Derick462
308Masser, John452
309Welsh, Matt3102
310Bowen, Jared3100
311Daniels, Jeremy391
312Sedrak, Marko390
313Abbott, John389
314Landry, Jorden389
315Najemian, Michael374
316Egnatowicz, Kristin374
317Castaneda, Gino373
318Garrovillas, Juliet372
319Avendano, Ivan369
320Correa, Alexander365
321Sperling, Mark365
322Soress, Anthony364
323Hess, Alex361
324Branca, Raymond360
325Salvati, Francesco358
326Vande-Vaarst, Max356
327Reed, Nick270
328LaPatriello, Michael0108
329Flores, Joshua093
330Fink, Stefan080
331Beed, Nick072
332Eydman, Igor072
333Cabas, Carlos072
334Corles, Thomas068
335Nordsick, Damian064
336Deson, Paul Olivier056
337Bas, Melis054
338Aubitz, Jonathan045

15 and Over

Tom Hanley (1) def. Heidi Craig (7)

Tom Hanley (1) def. Peter Keller (4)
Heidi Craig (7) def. Israel Quiroz (3)

Tom Hanley (1) def. Matt Brooks (8)
Peter Keller (4) def. Michael Delgaudio (5)
Israel Quiroz (3) def. Joshua Morris (6)
Heidi Craig (7) def. Jason Klaczynski (2)

Full Standings
1Hanley, Tom24127
2Craig, Heidi19110
3-4Quiroz, Israel21120
3-4Keller, Peter2196
5-8Klaczynski, Jason21130
5-8Delgaudio, Michael19124
5-8Morris, Joshua19114
5-8Brooks, Matt19105
9La Mancusa, Paul19102
10Dagani, Ben18126
11Dai, Longjie18116
12Hurley, Jim18116
13Havolic, Bob18111
14Bilby, Joey18111
15Bernard, Jeff18111
16Hopper, Andrew18106
17Cresswell, Greg18104
18Faber, Robert18103
19Delaar, William18101
20Hussaini, Bilal1898
21Yontef, Louis1897
22Lee, James1895
23Nunnery, Blair1893
24Mermelstein, Jeffrey17107
25Flores, Alex1791
26Naseer, Umair1781
27Catalano, Matthew16118
28Fletcher, James16117
29Poulsen, Mikkel16111
30Reynolds, Jeff16110
31Marshall, Kevin16108
32Marra, Bill16101
33Sylvester, Glendon16100
34Magness, Matt15128
35Ybarra, Thomas15123
36Valori, Kim15120
37Lake, Lissanne15119
38Gagliardi, Bobby15117
39Katzen, Glenn15117
40Ferrell, Jim15113
41Andrus, Robert15112
42Adamopoulos, Chris15111
43Poljanac, Matthew15110
44Koch, Hermann15108
45Mykerk, Chad15106
46Delaar, Maria15106
47Jacobs, Andrew15105
48Sauk, Gregory15105
49Buckley, Catherine15103
50DuBois, Mike15102
51Trogdon, Timothy15101
52Rogers, Richard1598
53Montalbano, Michael1598
54Kane, Gordon1598
55Landry, Roy1592
56Sanchez, Marco1591
57Danielczyk, Wayne1589
58Gurta, Chris1585
59Pishchik, Marvin1585
60Abreu, Marcus1582
61Rufa, Raymond1568
62Schaefer, Michael14115
63Barone, Vincent14110
64Sfendourakis, Konstantinos14107
65Auchter, Joan14107
66Cuajunco, Gabriel14100
67DeSchetler, Tom1492
68Salalila, John1492
69Barone, Nicholas1490
70Azar, Brian1485
71Williams, Steven1484
72Gagliardi, Michael1474
73Nastuk, Alex13109
74Brooks, David13107
75Baerga, Luis13103
76Nelson, James1397
77Zawadski, Chrissy1397
78Proch, Michael1395
79Wisher, Dennis1393
80Velez, C.J.1393
81Giblin, Chris1382
82Mullins, Joel1379
83Lipton, Scott12121
84Brike, Bert12118
85Schavfuss, Colin12115
86Sampson, Chris12113
87Lopez, Pedro12110
88Biehl, Larry12110
89Greenwalt, Ryan12106
90Bittinger, Cathy12106
91Morrison, Bryan12106
92Bayless, Peter12105
93Hall, Molly12104
94Long, Bruce12101
95Merritt, Jeremy12101
96Howe, Niles12100
97Barrett, Brian1299
98O’Brien, James1299
99LaBranche, Chris1299
100Geary, Barbara1292
101Boyd, William1292
102Friedlander, Brian1291
103Thompson, Robert1290
104Wensink, Ruben1289
105Thistlethwaite, Philip1289
106Solivan, Luis1288
107Steedly, Garrett1288
108Chin, Wei Tone1287
109Pikulski, Len1286
110Chimento, John1283
111Peebles-Mundy, Benjamin1283
112Rosado, Hector1283
113Capor, Thomas1282
114Seubert, Matt1282
115Chang, Raymond1281
116Mahowald, Matt1281
117Robinson, Bill1279
118Frid, Mats Gjemdal1278
119Melis, Bas1277
120Greenspan, Howie1277
121Martin, Adam1263
122Duarte, Ricardo11115
123Wagner, Tom11111
124Geary, Alexander1198
125Mullins, David1198
126Moore, Frank1196
127Flores, Fedel1195
128Anderson, Jerraud1193
129Tyminski, Jim1188
130Hopper, Daniel1185
131Jobe, William1179
132Kenny, Shari1174
133McGregor, Andy1098
134Perlow, Daniel1092
135Geary, David1090
136Nordsick, Jacob1089
137Francini, Roberto1088
138Reilly, Mike1076
139Clark Jr, Michael1076
140Dragan, Alex1075
141Ballard, Darryl1069
142Labar, Terry9108
143Johnson, Frederick9106
144Evans, Juanita9104
145McGrath, Jane9100
146Muha, Brent9100
147Daywalt, Billy9100
148Homan, David995
149Ruano, Rusty994
150Jansson, Niclas994
151Easterday, Tim993
152Lee, Howard991
153Wilkins, Rory991
154Ward, Dan990
155Guritzky, Drew988
156Gill, Bill987
157Krouse, Steve985
158Sklar-Oettle, Robin984
159Langone, Gregory984
160Luna, Ignacio983
161Devisser, Jim981
162Lahtinen, Ted978
163Durso, Anthony978
164Callanan, Bob977
165Samuels, Kamron973
166Brown, Michael971
167DeLorenzo Jr, Joe967
168Hoefert, Felix966
169Hedberg, Julia963
170Kenny, Bob962
171Gainous, Philicia959
172Hiley, Kristen8101
173Hooker, Benjamin889
174Wensink, Ed885
175Pena, Bertha884
176Gawrych, Chris879
177Reed, Douglas879
178Perri, Ralph870
179Nordisck, Cindy868
180West, Ross865
181Ferguson, Joe788
182Mumford, Stephen780
183Messinyer, David780
184Foster, Karen774
185Frantz Jr, Robert770
186Hoo, Andrew6107
187Presta, Frank693
188Grim, Thomas691
189Michalski, Michael689
190Olmo, William687
191Feit, Steven687
192Evans, John686
193Falk, Karl685
194Moreno, Jorge684
195Rosado, Julio684
196Tolbert, Andrew682
197Jackson, Ken680
198Dalton, Troy678
199Fernandez, Jesus673
200Mallory, Sean664
201Kim, Hale662
202Curry, Randy662
203Mujica, Damian598
204Wertz, Walter584
205Mammano, Joe483
206Thompson, Stephen459
207Sedrak, Shady392
208Gibbons, Crystal381
209Urberger, Bob380
210Eulie, Maryann372
211Knutson, Kurt370
212Wagner, Linda365
213Festagallo, Dominick364
214Craven, James359
215Kerruish, Emily359
216Kreeber, David355
217Kerruish, Laura2106
218Baez, Kimberly275
219McGrory, William272
220Schiller, Mark0116
221Labar, Scott0108
222Nordsick, Ed090
223Medina, Julio080
224Campbell, Rob076
225Bowen, Chirlene069
226Keels, Gloria059

Side Events and Activities

The Super Trainer Showdowns both had side events for attendees who couldn’t play in the main tournament.

East Coast STS pamphlet, courtesy of thunder_moo
East Coast STS pamphlet reverse, courtesy of thunder_moo
Overview of the side activities at the West Coast STS from the information book, courtesy of Jon Brooks (theblastoisekid)
Overview of the side activities (continued) at the West Coast STS, courtesy of Jon Brooks (theblastoisekid)

Similar to the Pokemon Tours held before them, attendees would first check in at “Pokemon Central”, where they would receive their “League for a Day” booklets. This booklet was where players would collect stamps for doing side activities, which could then be redeemed for prizes like booster packs.

East Coast STS “League for a Day” booklet, courtesy of thunder_moo
Introduction page, courtesy of thunder_moo

Each of the side activities also offered an opportunity to win a “Professor Oak’s Commendation” certificate.

League Zone

League Zone instructions, courtesy of thunder_moo

The League Zone was an open free play area where players could earn stamps for playing against each other. The area was divided up into “Gyms”, each based off a Pokemon Gym Leader. Gyms had restrictions on deckbuilding. For example, in Blaine’s Gym, player’s decks had to have at least 8 Blaine’s or Fire Pokemon.

Simply playing a game would earn you a stamp, and winning the game would get you an additional one. Every 10 stamps would earn players 3 booster packs. Each gym had a cap on the stamps that could be earned there.

Completing 2 gyms would earn the player a Professor Oak’s Commendation certificate.

League Zone at the East Coast STS 2000

Lt Surge’s Challenge: Battle for the Hill

Instructions for both Lt. Surge’s and Erika’s Challenge, courtesy of thunder_moo

Players had to get an appointment card for this side event. It was a King of the Hill style event where two players would be paired up. The winner of the match would remain, while the loser would be replaced by another challenger.

Lt. Surge’s Challenge appointment card, courtesy of thunder_moo
Reverse of the card with rules, courtesy of thunder_moo

After winning 3 times in a row, the player would win 3 booster packs and a raffle entry. At 5:00 PM local time, 16 random raffle entries would be drawn, and those 16 players would play in a single elimination tournament. This “finals” tournament would award winners with up to 12 additional booster packs, as well as a Professor Oak’s Commendation certificate.

Erika’s Challenge

At this side event, players had the chance to play against a “Master Trainer”, cosplaying as a character from the Pokemon series like Ash, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, and other Gym Leaders. Players had to get a raffle entry, and if chosen they would get to face one of the Master Trainers. Losing would get the player 1 booster pack, while winning would get them up to 6.

Raffle entry, courtesy of thunder_moo
Staff members dressed as Misty and Team Rocket at the Erika’s Challenge area at the East Coast STS 2000

Brock’s Challenge

This side event needed no prior appointment, and was a series of casual non-TCG contests held throughout the day. They included Pokemon multiple kinds of trivia contests.

Create Your Own Pokemon Card

Attendees were each issued a “Misty’s Fun Zone” card. They could then trade this in for a giant blank Pokemon card template, energy symbol stickers, and art supplies. Using these, they could design their own Pokemon cards.

Redemption card for the activity
Blank card template
Energy Symbol stickers

These cards were later displayed on the Wizards of the Coast website, where winners and honorable mentions were selected. A full gallery can be viewed in this article about Wizards Illustration contests.

Best Art #1
Veronika L.
Best Art #2
Cassie L.
Best Art #3
James S.

Photo Zone

A giant Dark Raichu card was on display at both tournaments for attendees to take photos with. They were given the option of taking home a Polaroid photo or a floppy disk containing the digital file of their photo.

Pokemon Cars

Both the Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle and Lugia PT Cruiser were on display at the events for photos.

The Pikachu VW Beetle at the event
The Lugia PT Cruiser at the event


The Super Trainer Showdown 2000 events were a big success for Wizards of the Coast’s first premiere Pokemon TCG tournament. Despite some growing pains, it was successful enough that Wizards would host them again in 2001, which would lead to them hosting the first Pokemon World Champions in 2002.


A very special thanks to thunder_moo and Jon Brooks, who provided most of the scanned material from the 2000 STS West & East Coast events.

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