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The internet’s largest database of 6,074 promo & special release Pokémon TCG cards from around the world.


International Tropical Mega Battle 1999

The 1999 Tropical Mega Battle (TMB) was the first instance of what would now be considered a world championship for the TCG. It was open to elementary school players (ages

McDonald’s 2002 Promotion

Unlike subsequent years’ McDonald’s promotions in Japan, 2002 featured opaque, sealed booster packs that were tied to recently released sets. Later years would have other distribution styles such as unpeeled

Vending Machine Sheet 1

Known officially as 拡張シート(Expansion Sheet), the vending machine cards were distributed in 1998 from vending machines around Japan. They all use glossy card stock instead of the standard matte card

Pokémon Card Fan Club Magazine

Pokémon Card Fan Club was a series of magazines published by Media Factory from June 5, 1997 to June 10, 1998. Afterwards, it was succeeded by the Pokémon Card Trainer’s

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