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The internet’s largest database of 7,390 promo & special release Pokémon TCG cards from around the world.

Vending Machine Sheet 2

Known officially as 拡張シート(Expansion Sheet), the vending machine cards were distributed in 1998 from vending machines around Japan. They all


Eevee Evolution VMAX Events

In the summer of 2021, The Pokemon Company introduced 3 new alternate art promo versions of Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon’s VMAX cards in Japan. With the popularity of Eevee and

Pocket Monsters Fan Book

The Pocket Monsters Fan Book was published on May 20, 1997. It was an official publication that featured various guides, activities, and advertising for the franchise, which had just launched

Battle Road 2003

Continuing from 2002 Battle Roads was the 2003 tournament circuit. Similar to the previous year’s tournaments, Battle Road 2003 was divided into 3 age groups: juniors (elementary school), seniors (junior

Pokemon 1997 Official Accessories

Shortly after the October 1996 of the Pokemon TCG in Japan, Nintendo began to release official accessories to facilitate playing and collecting of the game. In 1997, two such products

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