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Pokemon Battle Challenge

Pokemon Battle Challenge was an event held from October 17 – December 27, 2009. The event encompassed both the video

Pokemon Battle Tour 09

In the summer of 2009, Pokemon launched an event called the Pokemon Battle Tour 09 (ポケモンバトルツアー09 in Japanese). This summer


International Tropical Mega Battle 2002

The 2002 International Tropical Mega Battle (also known as the World Exchange Battle) took place once again at the Hilton Hawai’ian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii from August 24 – 25,

Pokemon Card Gym Umbreon Night Battle

In the summer of 2015, Official Pokemon Card Gyms and Pokemon Center stores across Japan would host “Umbreon Night Battle” events. These were held weekly, from June 1 – 30,

Korean World Championship Series 2012

The 2012 Korean World Championship: National Team Selection was held in Yangjae-dong Center in Seoul, Korea from June 9 – 10, 2012. Similar to the international World Championships, it featured

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